Science of Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technologies

organized by:

Ministry of Antiquities (MoA)
Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale (IFAO)
Egypt Exploration Society (EES)
German Archaeological Institute in Cairo (DAI)
American Research Center, Egypt (ARCE)
We are delighted to announce the International Conference on the Science of Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technologies (SAEMT), to take place in Cairo in autumn 2017. The conference invites the submission of abstracts for papers and posters in English from international researchers who employ various archaeological sciences in their researches on ancient Egyptian materials, including their adoption, developments and technologies.

The conference’s aims are threefold: first, to provide specialists employing archaeological sciences, who may not often meet, the opportunity to present their research and exchange ideas. Secondly, the conference will emphasise the importance of archaeological sciences and interdisciplinary approaches within Egyptology. Finally, the conference will provide a space for those working within Egypt to discuss measures for overcoming limitations that hinder scientific applications in Egypt. Panel discussions will also explore topics such as access to the necessary reliable facilities to perform analysis and how to improven the levels and standards of analytical methods.

In tandem with the conference, we plan to create a new peer reviewed publication available online. It is most fitting that the first edition come from Egypt, the origin of the material, and where there is an essential need for peer reviewed archaeometric publication..